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RHOADS CO believes incident and injury free construction is obtainable.  As a company, we embrace a culture that empowers people to take whatever action is necessary to ensure a safe work environment.


Safety is paramount from corporate down to the employee and it shows in our excellent safety record.  We continually invest in safety training and promote safety through various programs.  All OSHA regulations are observed and maintained as the minimum standard for employees.


We have programs and procedures to cover every aspect of safety on a construction project.  Our written safety plan is implemented prior to an employee working on site.  RHOADS CO focuses not only on industry standards but personal behavior, and enabling employees to make intelligent choices both for the employee and team.  Training includes but is not limited to: Tool Box Safety Reviews, Site Audits, Safety Newsletters, Time & Effort Pre-Task Safe Planning and is rewarded with team safety bonuses.

RHOADS CO holds an EMR rating of .97.  Areas of Training:

          *  General Employee Safety

          *  Ladders & Scaffolding

          *  Chemical & Flammable Materials

          *  Fire Safety

          *  Fall Protection

          *  Emergency Response

*  Material Handling

*  Electrical

*  Excavation

*  Power Tools

*  General Rules

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